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Parents/guardians of all eligible students aged 12 and above as at 1 June 2021 will receive the SMS invites to schedule students’ vaccination appointments from 1 June 2021.  Students whose 12th birthday fall after 1 June 2021 will be invited for vaccination at a later date.

Infographic on Student Vaccination Exercise.pdf
Parent Kit on Student Vaccination Exercise.pdf
Posters in All Languages
 21/5/21Parent Kit - Supporting your child during Full HBL.pdf  
8/2/21 Resources on the new PSLE Scoring and Secondary 1 Posting Systems

The new PSLE scoring and Secondary 1 Posting systems will take effect in 2021. To help you better understand the changes, MOE would like to share the following resources with you:

- An infosheet which provides an overview of the key changes,
3a. Infosheet on PSLE changes_Mobile Copy.pdf 
3b. Infosheet on PSLE changes_Print Copy.pdf 

- Two videos which address commonly asked questions on the new PSLE Scoring and Secondary 1 Posting Systems, and 
Top Questions on PSLE Answered! (Part 1)
Top Questions on PSLE Answered! (Part 2)

- The MOE PSLE microsite that contains information on the changes to the PSLE Scoring and Secondary 1 Posting Systems.  

2021 P1 TBM.pdf
2021 P2 TBM.pdf 
2021 P3 TBM.pdf 
2021 P4 TBM.pdf 
2021 P5 TBM.pdf 
2021 P6 TBM.pdf 
 25/11/20Dear parents,  Congratulations! Your child has arrived at yet another milestone in their life! As they move from Primary to Secondary School, you might wonder what secondary school life will be like, and how they will adjust to the different environment and routines. They might also feel anxious as the start of their secondary school journey draws near. Their anxiety can be turned into excitement if they feel prepared for the change and are able to adapt well to secondary school life – and parents can play a part to help them be prepared too! This issue of Parent Kit provides tips on what you can do to help your child transit smoothly from Primary School to Secondary 1. We hope you will use the school holidays to try out these tips. Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Primary to Secondary Transition.pdf

Dear Parents

With the increasing digitalisation of government services, MOE would like to encourage all parents to register their children’s bank account with PayNow using the children’s BC/NRIC number.  The activation of PayNow will facilitate the prompt disbursement of monies for the child, and avoid delays through the filling in and processing of forms or from physical visits to banks for the deposit of cheques.  For a start, MOE will be using PayNow (BC/NRIC) as a means to disburse Edusave award monies starting from the upcoming Edusave award exercise in Dec 2020.

To register for PayNow for your children with their BC/NRIC number, you can refer to the attached guide on PayNow or visit the website of the Association of Banks in Singapore (link provided) for more information. Please approach your bank if you need further assistance to register for PayNow for your children. Alternatively, if you are using your children’s bank accounts with POSB/DBS or OCBC, you can fill in the online form (link provided) for MOE to help you to set up PayNow arrangements for these accounts.

Thank you. 

More information on PayNow
Online form to set up PayNow
Guide on PayNow Registration.pdf 
FAQs for PayNow.pdf 
 17 Nov 2020 Enhancement of Childhood Vaccination Subsidies 

It is important that students get the recommended vaccinations to reduce the risk of infections and complications that can result from the infections. Vaccinations also reduce the risk of outbreaks occurring in school and in the community.

Please refer to the attached letter and booklet from MOH and HPB for updates on the revised National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS), and the enhancement of childhood vaccination subsidies.

MOH Press Release
Letter for parents via schools_primary.pdf 

 12 Oct 2020
[Parent Kit] Do’s and Don’ts to help manage examination stress! 

Dear parents, 


Academic preparations are important but so is the mental wellbeing of you and your child. As one of their greatest cheerleaders, what are some things that you can do (and not do), to support your child as he/she focuses on preparing for their examinations, and to deal with the stress and manage expectations (both his/hers and yours)?

In this issue of Parent Kit, we provide you with practical tips to manage the examination stress, and invite you to hear from fellow parents how they support their children through examination periods.

 29 August 2020

[Parent Kit] Are you a P.S.L.E parent?

 Dear parents, 
As your child enters these last few months of his or her primary school journey, are you wondering how else you can help your child cope well this season? And how you can explore secondary school options together? Read on for tips in the kit attached!
For more tips on how you can help your child transit smoothly to secondary school, sign up for MOE’s Webinar, Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary Education, that will be held online on Saturday morning, 5 Sep 2020. Details can be found at https://go.gov.sg/pri-sec-transition2020
, and within the kit attached.
Be a P.S.L.E parent today – Proactive, Supportive, Loving and Empowering!

24 August 2020 

[For Graduating Cohorts] Safeguarding the well-being of candidates for National Examinations

Dear parents and students,

To safeguard the well-being of candidates and teachers and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, safe management measures will be implemented in schools during the national examinations. 
The following groups of candidates will not be allowed to sit for the national examinations due to potential public health risks:

•       Confirmed case of Covid-19 Infection;
•       On Quarantine Order
•       On Stay Home Notice;
•       On Leave of Absence (Confirmed); and
•       Display flu-like symptoms (such as fever or coughing) on the day of examinations.

Specific groups of candidates will be allowed to sit for the national examinations if they have been tested negative for COVID-19.  Enhanced safe management measures will be implemented for this group. 
Please refer to the attached instructions or visit SEAB’s website for more information.
PSLE instructions to Sch Candidates.pdf

7 August 2020 

Dear Parents,

Singapore is currently experiencing a historically high number of dengue cases. The National Environment Agency (NEA) is strongly encouraging all residents staying in dengue cluster areas to:

·       Spray insecticides in dark corners at home (e.g. behind curtains and under beds);

·       Apply insect repellent regularly; and

·       Wear long-sleeve tops and long pants.

You are strongly advised to consider applying insect repellent on your children before they leave home for school. Students are also encouraged to bring the insect repellent to school for re-application, before they leave school for home. 

Do remind your family members to apply insect repellent too. Here is a guideline on the use of insect repellent spray:

 5 August 2020
[Parent Kit] My Independent Learner!

Dear parents, 

Many of you would have observed your children becoming more independent through their HBL experience despite the initial challenges.

This has come about because of your efforts and commitment to provide a conducive home environment and establishing routines to allow them to take on greater responsibility.

As our children return to school, I encourage you not to let go of the good practices put in place. Instead, let’s ride on this momentum to support our children in being curious and developing a love for learning.

In this issue of Parent Kit, we offer you tips on how you can give your child space to learn and grow in confidence.

To encourage and motivate more parents to support their children to be independent, we would like to invite you to join the #MyIndependentLearner movement, to share and celebrate your efforts and our children’s growth! Refer to Pg 9 and 10 to see how you can be a part of this.

 6 May 2020
Holiday Care Pack
13 Apr 2020 Tips for parents for working from home. Please click here
 31 Mar 2020For more information on addressing parents' concerns on Home-Based Learning as well as supporting your child's learning from home, please click here.  
Meetup @ Cantonment Primary School
During school events and activities, the school may take photographs and video images of staff, students and parents. These images may be used by the school for publicity purposes in platforms such as its website, publications, social media channels and other official communication avenues. Thank you. 

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