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Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is a mobile app developed by the Ministry of Education and GovTech, It is a one-stop portal that strengthens school-home partnership to support our children in their education journey.

Parents will be able to do the following through this portal:
(a) Access all your official school announcements and consent forms at your fingertips.
(b) Give consent for your child's activities anytime, anywhere.
(c) Receive official announcements directly from schools.
(d) Keep track of upcoming activities for multiple children.
(e) Travel Declaration
(f) Update contact details for Parents

Cantonment Primary School has implemented The Parents Gateway starting from Term 3 2019. If you have two or more children and they are in different schools, you will be able to receive notifications for all your children on the same App.
We strongly encourage all parents to come onboard. Please follow the following simple steps:

STEP 1: Skip to STEP 2 if you have SingPass account. If you do not have, please register online

STEP 2: Download Parents Gateway Mobile App:
(a) Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile phone.
(b) Search for the ‘Parents Gateway’ mobile app.
(c) Download and install the app onto your phone. 
(d) Enable ‘Allow Notifications’ to receive push notifications.

STEP 3: One-Time On-boarding:
(a) Tap on “Log in with SingPass”
(b) Log in with your SingPass (2FA)
(c) Tap on “Retrieve” to retrieve your child(ren)’s information
(d) Tap on “Done” to complete on-boarding
(e) You should see your child(ren)’s school announcements and activities (if any)

Please refer to the FAQ (for Parents) if you need any clarification.

For assistance, please email moe_parents_gateway@moe.gov.sg or Mr Puvan (ICT Manager, Cantonment Primary School).

Travel Declaration via Parents Gateway (PG)

Please click here on how to do your travel declaration via Parents Gateway.

To make amendenments, click here for the steps.