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Letters To Parents

 3 Jun2021-107 Family Matters at Cantonment- Montfort Care Parenting Weekend for Parents during June Holidays.pdf
 1 Jun2021-106 Vaccination for P6 Students.pdf
 24 May2021-104 Release of Mid-Year Assessment Results during PCTC .pdf
 21 May2021-102 Travel Declaration for June Holidays 2021 1.pdf
 21 May2021-100 Extension of School Meal Subsidies to Students on MOE FAS during FHBL.pdf
FAQs for Redemption of School Meal Subsidies through School Smartcard.pdf
 19 May2021-099 Temporary Suspension of School Health and Dental Service Programmes.pdf
 18 May2021-096 Full Home-Based Learning HBL from 19 May 2021.pdf
 18 May2021-097 P4 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf
 7 May2021-091 PCTC Sem 1.pdf 
Meetings Feature User Guide for Parents.pdf
 30 Apr2021-090 Early Dismissal for Students Celebrating Hari Raya Puasa.pdf
 28 Apr

PSLE 2021: Supporting Students and Parents in Making School Choices

Dear Parents / Guardians,


MOE has released the indicative PSLE Score ranges for individual secondary schools, based on the 2020 P6 cohort’s PSLE results and school choice patterns at the 2020 S1 Posting Exercise. The following are key information from the announcement:

·       The indicative PSLE Score ranges for individual secondary schools serve as a good reference point for you and your child/ward as you begin considering secondary school choices.

·       Besides the indicative PSLE Score ranges, there are other equally important factors to consider when choosing a secondary school such as schools’ distinctive programmes, schools’ ethos and culture, CCAs as well as home-school distance.

·       Your child/ward can also consider the Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec) as an alternative admission pathway.

To support you and your child/ward to choose suitable secondary schools under the new PSLE Scoring System, MOE has provided the following resources:

·       An infographic sharing tips on how to choose a suitable secondary school;

·       The SchoolFinder website which has information on individual secondary schools and their school programmes, locations etc.; and

·       The PSLE-Full Subject Based Banding (PSLE-FSBB) Microsite which provides information on commonly asked questions and a Score Calculator to generate possible courses and schools that your child/ward may be eligible for.

We will be holding an online briefing session with P6 parents on 4 May 2021 at 5.00pm via Zoom.  Zoom details are as follow: 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 5326 2632
Passcode: 105859

Thank you. 

A Secondary School Thats Suitable For Your Child.pdf 
PSLE Infosheet to Schools.pdf 

 7 Apr2021-078 SA1 Oral Assessment for Primary 4.pdf
2021-078 SA1 Oral Examination for Primary 6.pdf 
 29 Mar    2021-069 Primary 3 Social Studies Virtual Learning Journey to Chinatown.pdf
2021-070 Primary 4 Social Studies Virtual Learning Journey to Kampong Glam.pdf 
 23 Mar    2021-071 Consent to use MOEs Centralised ICT Systems.pdf
 12 Mar2021-062-Primary 6 Social Studies Performance-Task Group Work.pdf
 9 Mar2021-058 P6 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf 
2021-057 P5 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf 
2021-055 P3 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf 
2021-054 P2 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf 
2021-053 P1 Information and task sheet for PE Project.pdf
 9 MarP5_P6 - Character Day 2021 Information Poster.pdf 
P3_P4 - Character Day 2021 Information Poster.pdf 
P1_P2 - Character Day 2021 Information Poster.pdf
 26 Feb    2021-046 P1-6 Assement Matters.pdf 
 19 Feb 2021-044 Primary 6 Social Studies Virtual Learning Journey to Little India.pdf
 17 Feb2021-045 P4 Art Learning Journey to the National Gallery.pdf
 9 Feb 212020-042 Health Screening and Immunisation Programme in School.pdf
 5 Feb 212021-041 Lunar New Year Eve Celebrations and Early Dismissal.pdf
 4 Feb 21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In early November last year, we implemented the new pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) arrangement at the vehicular bay along Cantonment Close, in partnership with HDB and LTA, to enhance safety of the school children and facilitate smoother traffic flow during the arrival and dismissal peak hours. With your support, the implementation has been smooth. 

This year, the traffic flow during the arrival peak hours has been smooth at the PUDO and we continue to observe good practices such as driving off immediately after dropping off or picking up your child/ward; making all necessary arrangements with your child before arriving at the drop-off points such as giving your child pocket money, and placing your child’s school bag within reach from him/her so that he/she can get down from the car with their bag.

This year, we observed that before the Primary One dismissal time at 1.15pm, there were already a number of vehicles parked illegally along the roundabout. This has caused obstructions to traffic flow and compromised the safety of the students. Please be reminded that should you arrive early to pick up your child/ward, please park and wait at the nearby HDB Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) before making your way to pick your child/ward.

Thank you for your support once again in ensuring the safety of all our students, the residents living near the school vicinity and other road users.

Mrs S Manokara

 14 Jan 212021_MOE_Sexuality Education in Schools_The Growing Years Programme_P6.pdf
2021_MOE_Sexuality Education in Schools_The Growing Years Programme_P5.pdf 
 7 Jan 21 2021-021 CCA Commencement for P4-6 students 2021.pdf
 6 Jan 21 2021-004 Code for Fun CFF Enrichment Programme 2021 for Primary 5 Students.pdf
 24 Dec 202021-002 Page 1 for all groups.pdf 
2021-002 Page 2 for Group A.pdf 
2021-002 Page 2 for Group B.pdf 
2021-002 Page 2 for Group C.pdf 
23 Dec 20Please be informed that your child/ward will be taking part in the Primary 4 SwimSafer programme as part of their PE Curriculum. The programme will take place during curriculum time from 10.30 am - 1.00 pm.

The schedule for the sessions and the suggested packing list are attached. We will be issuing a detailed letter with more information on the SwimSafer Programme on Tuesday, 5 January 2021.

We seek your understanding and cooperation in acknowledging the letter and submitting the reply slip to your child/ward's form teacher by Thursday, 7 Jan 2021. 
Primary 4 Swimsafer - 2021.pdf