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For Students

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If you get an error when logging in to any of above websites, clear your browser history and try again. You should try accessing from a different web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari or on another device.

Student ICON

ICON website (Works only on web browser. Mobile app or computer software sync not available until further notice)

With student ICON, you can use:
Google SuiteZoomMicrosoft Pro Plus
Access certain Google websites such as Gmail, Slides.
Basic Zoom AccountWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher which can be installed on 5 of your home desktop/laptop (PC/Mac), smartphone and tablets.
Student ICON Privacy Policy 
Microsoft Pro Plus Privacy Policy
Network Status Network Status Network Status

Password Policy
1. Must be 8-24 characters long
2. at least 1 lowercase letter(s). 
3. at least 1 numeric character(s)
4. at least 1 uppercase letter(s)
5. at least 2 alphabetic character(s)
6. not be one of 3 previous passwords
7. not match or contain first name or last name
8. not match or contain user ID
9. Password expires every 90 (Sec/JC)/360 (Pri) days. Users will be alerted via email 7 days before the expiry date.
10. Maximum of 5 login attempts are allowed.


Cyber Wellness 2021 is about Safe Searching On The Internet . The following online activities and posters were created by us, students from Cantonment Primary School. We hope you have fun and learn something useful. Remember to take responsibility when you are in the digital space. You can play a part to make the internet a wonderful place to be in! Kindly use this link to try the games.

The SERR is a virtual school library that has been set up to support HBL and encourage wider reading by students for the long term. It seeks to support wide and extensive reading in schools across various subjects and levels by providing easy access to online resources.