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Key Programme (s) Level Schedule Purpose
Enrichment Programs
P2- Junior Drama Course
 P3 – Comic Writing
 P4 – Little Reporter
P5 – Drama and Script Writing
P2-P5 Term 2
  • To enhance the use of Tamil via various activities (Drama skills, comic writing and etc)
  • To build the students’ confidence in terms of Spoken Tamil
  • To build the students’ creativity
ICT lessons P1-P6 Term 1-4
  • To engage and enthuse students in the language and learning of computer skills
Mother Tongue Language Fortnight P1-P6 Term 3
  • To be conducted collaboratively with the CL and ML departments. Students will be given the exposure to Chinese/Malay and Indian culture
Mother Tongue Language Camp P3 Term 3
  • To expose Tamil students to various culture and arts
External competitions P1-P6 Term 1-4
  • To encourage kids to participate and to love the language
Tamil Touch Typing P3 Term 3
  • To enable students to use the ICT tools for learning
Dreamshop (National competition) P4 Term 2
  • To be proficient users in the language
  • To demonstrate their learning and interact with children from various schools
  • To develop entrepreneurship skills in a realistic yet monitored competitive environment