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The Mathematics Department seek to nurture every Cantonment Student to be a passionate learner and a confident and creative problem-solver.

We aim to provide holistic maths programmes emphasising conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills. The different emphasis of our programmes can be categorised in the following areas:

Acquire The Basics With Fun (P1 And P2)

Mastering the basic concepts is an important part of early maths education.  As the P1 and P2 students are in the early stages of learning maths, the lessons are infused with more hands-on activities to keep maths fun and practical. Through the use of manipulative, students learn the skill of observing, extending patterns and forming relationships between existing and new found information. Students are also exposed to maths games to reinforce their learning.

Apply Thinking & Reasoning (P3 And P4)

The Primary 3 and 4 students are given more opportunities to explore real-life and novel maths problems. The lessons are balanced with teaching of standard curriculum topics and challenging tasks for students to apply higher order thinking skills in a dynamic learning environment. We purposefully create the settings for students to engage in sustained discussions to analyse mathematical situations, reason and communicate logically, leading to deeper mathematical understanding.

Attain Mastery in Mathematics (P5 And P6)

For the primary 5 and 6 students, we aim to consolidate and reinforce their learning in Math. To stretch the higher achieving students, there is Math Olympiad programme. Our students also take part in a number of inter-school maths competitions. These experiences provide them with more challenging and engaging mathematical experience that is both competitive and educational. As for the students who need more coaching in Mathematics, there is a Math pull-out programme for them where students are taught at a pace that is suitable for them.