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Social Studies Curriculum Framework
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Programmes 2011  to 2014


Types of Programme


Field Based Learning

  • Jacob Ballas Children Garden ( Primary 1)
  • National Orchid Garden ( Primary 2)
  • HDB and NEWater Gallery ( Primary 3)
  • National Museum ( Primary 4)
  • Asian Civilisation Museum ( Primary 5)
  • Asian Civilisation Museum ( Primary 6)


Assembly Programmes

  • National Heritage Board
  • HDB and NEWater Gallery
  • Envision Gallery
  • Nparks
  • Singapore Discovery Centre


ICT Corner

  • Movie screening of culture, history and values of Southeast Asia and countries around the world.
  • Infusion of Asian values in stories.



  • Infusion of Social Studies in National Education commemorative events such as Total Defence , International Friendship , Racial Harmony and National Day.
  • Infusion of Social Studies in learning montage.

Primary 1 field based learning to Jacob Ballas Children Garden

Primary 1
The objective of the specific programme is to:
1. To use the sense of sight, smell, touch and hearing to relate to nature and to develop an understanding of how trees, plants and fruits native to tropical countries like Singapore.
2. To learn about the various spices in Asian cuisine and how parts of fruits are reused into musical instruments.
3. To appreciate the need to care for environment and care for trees.
4. To promote understanding of diversity in the environment and how different plants and animals live together in a community.

Primary 2 field based learning to National Orchid Garden