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Event Accomplishment
Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad
 Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards
  Global Ranking - No. 1
Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World 
Contest (RIPMWC)
 Distinction and Credit Awards
 Babble and Speak Individual Finalist
 YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards  Finalist
 Singapore Youth Science Fair
 Certificates of Distinction (2 teams)
 Certificate of Commendation (1 team)
 National Club Scout Day Gold
 South Area Club Scout Field Day Gold
 Science Buskers Festival  Finalist (2 teams)
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation               Guitar Ensemble  Certificate of Accomplishment
 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Dance Presentation Certificate of Accomplishment
 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Choir Certificate of Accomplishment