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School Logo

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The school crest draws inspiration from an old Chinese proverb ‘十年树木, 百年树人’, which means ‘it takes ten years to plant a tree but a hundred years to nurture and mould the character of a person.’ The school crest represents education as evergreen and fruit bearing. Education continually nurtures and moulds the character of a person to be deeply rooted in good values and through a process of love and patience. The school crest has rounded symbols portraying education as holistic. Visually, the rounded symbols look like people in motion and depict the school as a dynamic place with a vibrant culture where interaction and growth are evident.

There are three colours in the school crest, each with significant meaning. Blue conveys strength and steadfastness; good traits that we seek to nurture in our students. Green represents growth and harmony and signifies how the staff and students will work harmoniously to grow together. Orange portrays vibrancy, dynamism and warmth and the colour is symbolic of the culture that Cantonment aspires to build.