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 2019-003P5 Remedial Consent Form
 2019-004P6 Remedial Consent Form
 2019-005FMS at CPS workshop Parent workshop in Term 1
 2019-006P5 MOE Sexuality Education
 2019-007P6 MOE Sexuality Education
 2019-008Invitation to the Excellence 2000 (E2K) Mathematics and Science Programme
 2019-009CCA Commencement for P4 - P6
 2019-011P5 Excellence 2000 (E2K) Mathematics Programme
 2019-012Prefect Meeting Term 1
 2019-013Temperature Taking Exercise
 2019-015GEP Identification Exercise General Information 2019
 2019-016Wushu CCA - Additional Training
 2019-017Parental Consent For Filming of lessons MTSP(CL)Class
 2019-018P3 & P4 Persuasive Speaking & Writing Workshop
 2019-019Briefing for Parents on Dyslexic Remediation Support for Primary 3
 2019-020Community Ambassadors Leadership Training Workshop
 2019-021Letters/2019-021 Primary 3 CCA Experience 2019
 2019-022Dates of training sessions and 2019 South Zone SPSSC Badminton Championships Competition
 2019-023NIE Student Teacher Attachment 14 Jan to 12 Mar
 2019-024Basketball Girls CCA Consent Form for Tournament
 2019-025Consent Form for Participation in SPSSC National School Games Football Championships 2019 - Junior Boys
 2019-027CNY Early Dismissal letter
 2019-028Letters/2019-028 Mathematics Olympiad Training Enrichment Programme (Primary 3 to 6)
 2019-029Touch base Parent Teacher Meeting
 2019-030P6 After School Standard Chinese Lesson
 2019-031Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Visual Art
 2019-032Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Program 2019
 2019-035SDR for Primary 3 (Semester 1)
 2019-036SDR for Primary 4 (Semester 1)
Consent form for RRP P3 & P4
 2019-038LSP Briefing Letter for Parents
 2019-039Community Ambassadors Leadership Workshop Change in Training Schedule
 2019-040LSM Briefing for P1 Parents
 2019-041P1 LSM Supplementary Lessons
 2019-042Raffles Institution’s Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC) 2019
 2019-043Eco-Champion Training
 2019-045Wits & Words Debate Workshops and Competition
 2019-048JSA parents' nomination form Cantonment Pri Sch 2019
 2019-049 Learning Journey for Drama Appreciation
 2019-050Consent for use of Students' photograph in HPB Annual Report
 2019-052Share a Book Programme for English Week 2019
 2019-054Class Monitors and CCA Leaders Training on 14 Feb 2019
 2019-055P6 Power Circus & Math Study Skills Motivational Programme
 2019-056Students' Safety and Well-Being
 2019-057Primary 4 Art Learning Journey to the National Gallery
 2019-058P4 VIA Project
 2019-060P5 (VIA) Project Water Conservation through Design for Change
 2019-061South Area Cub Scout 3R Car Derby
 2019-062Singapore Bicentennial Scout Trek 2019
 2019-063P3 Vegetable Growing Project 2019
 2019-064Conflict Resolution Programme (Primary 4 and 5)
 2019-067Additional training sessions in preparation for SPSSC National Primary Schools Softball Championships 2019
 2019-068Cub Scout Leadership Course - Intake 1
 2019-069EL Week – P1 and P2 Superheroes from around the world!
 2019-070Primary 4 “Mathematics is all around us!” Poster Competition
 2019-071Field Based Learning to Little India for Primary 5
 2019-072Field Based Learning to Fort Canning for Primary 6
 2019-073 Participation in extra training sessions for Softball CCA
 2019-074 9th National Photography Competition Briefing 2019
 2019-075 South Area Orienteering Competition
 2019-075a Emergency Exercise to External Holding Area
 2019-076 P5 OLJ Letter to parents (1st Letter)
 2019-078 Red Cross First Aid 2019
 2019-079 NIE student teacher attachment 25 Feb to 10 May
 2019-080 Additional Training for Basketball Boys
 2019-081 Field Based Learning to Kok Fah Technology Farm for Primary 3
 2019-082 Field Based Learning to Kampong Glam for Primary 4
 2019-083 Primary 6 Social Studies Performance-Task (Group Work)
 2019-085 National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) 2019
 2019-088 Visit to Singapore Scouts Association Headquarters
 2019-090 Prefects Meetings 2019 ( Term 2 )
 2019-091 Change of teachers-1 Integrity
 2019-092 Change of teachers-2 Resilience
 2019-093 Change of teachers-5 Resilience
 2019-094 Change of teachers-6 Resilience
 2019-095Change of teachers-6 Harmony
 2019-096 Consent Form for Participation in SPSSC National Primary Schools Softball Championships 2019
 2019-099 P5 and P6 Cancellation of Remedial    
 2019-100 SPSSC National Junior Division Basketball 2019
 2019-103 Effective Parenting Approach to Raising Your Child
 2019-104 P1 Learning Journey to the Singapore Zoo
 2019-105 SA1 P3-P6 Oral
 2019-106 Earth Day School Activities
 2019-107 Consent form additional training session for development team
 2019-108 Safety of our Students
 2019-109 Consent Form for Photo Shoot for AST Story
 2019-110 Consent Form for Super24 Dance
 2019-111 World Red Cross Day Celebration 2019
 2019-112 Koobits Mathematics Portal
 2019-114 Conversational Malay_Chinese Programme - P3
 2019-115 Conversational Malay_Chinese Programme - P4
 2019-116 Community Ambassadors Learning Journey to National Museum of Singapore
 2019-117 Consent Form for 9th National Photography Competition Prize-Giving Ceremony
 2019-118 Choir - Invitation to Participate in Choir Singapore SYF AP 2020
 2019-121 PCTC Letter to P1-4 parents
 2019-122 PTM Letter to P5-6 parents
 2019-124 Change in duration of P4 Science Paper
 2019-125 Revised P5 SA1 scope
 2019-127 SwimSafer Programme for P3 Students    
 2019-129Parents Gateway Letter to parents
 2019-130 Field Based Learning to Changi Airport for Primary 1
 2019-131 Field Based Learning to Chinatown for Primary 2
 2019-135Invitation Sports Competition 2019
 2019-136 CCA Learning Journey to Marina Barriage
 2019-139 Primary 3 Values-In Action (VIA) Project
 2019-141 Students Travel Declaration Form