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Key Programme (s) Level Schedule Purpose
The Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM) P3 (Beginner’s module) P4 (Basic I module) Term 1 to 3 CCM is an enrichment programme for non-Chinese or non-Malay students who are interested in learning Chinese or Malay language and its culture. This programme aims to help students learn to communicate (listen and speak) on everyday situations in the language and to understand and provide response to conversations or verbal narratives on selected issues.
ICT lessons P1-P6 Term 1-4 To engage and enthuse students in the language and learning of computer skills
IMTL portal P5-P6 Term 1- Term 4 To encourage students to use the portal to build language mastery

Enrichment Programs

P2- Speech and Drama

P3 – Comic Writing

P4 – Little Reporter

P5 – Drama Workshop

P2-P5 Term 2

To enhance the use of Malay Language via various activities (Drama skills, comic writing and etc)

To build the students’ confidence

To build the students’ creativity

Dreamshop (National competition) P4 Term 2

To be proficient users in the language

To demonstrate their learning and interact with children from various schools

To develop entrepreneurship skills in a realistic yet monitored competitive environment

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight P1-P6 Term 3 To be conducted collaboratively with the CL and ML departments. Students will be given the exposure to Chinese/Malay and Indian culture
Mother Tongue Language Camp P3 Term 3 To expose students to various culture and arts
STAR Writer A book compiles model essays that are written by students.
Pesta Bahasa National Competition P1-P6 Term 3 To encourage students to participate and to love the language
Creative Writing Competition P5, P6 Term 3 To develop students writing skills