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Key Programme (s) Level Schedule Purpose
Mother Tongue Fortnight P1-P6 Term 3 MTL Fortnight aims to provide an authentic learning opportunity for students to understand and appreciate the Mother Tongue culture, to heighten the use of mother tongue languages beyond the classrooms and to develop our student’s interest in the learning of the mother tongue languages.
Drama Camp P4 June Holiday Students will be going National Primary Schools' Chinese Drama Camp which is organized by Chung Cheng High School (Yishun). The school has invited professionals to teach the student’s vocal technique, posture techniques, stage design and script writing in the two days camp.

P3 (Beginner’s module)

P4 (Basic I module)

Term 1 to 3(20 1-hour sessions for each module) The Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme is an enrichment programme for non-Chinese or non-Malay students who are interested in learning Chinese or Malay language and its culture. This programme aims to help students learn to communicate (listen and speak) on everyday situations in the language and to understand and provide response to conversations or verbal narratives on selected issues.
Little Reporter P4 Term 2

To learn basic reporting skills.

To improve students’ speaking skill and encourage them to have the confidence to speak up.

To encourage students to be morally upright.

Morning LSP P1-P3 Every Tuesday and Thursday 7.20am to 7.50am Provide additional support for students in his/her learning of the Chinese language through small group coaching and engaging activities.
Idiom Competition P4, P5 Term 2 Selected students will represent school to participate National Idiom Competition (成语比赛). Training are provided.
ICT Lessons P1-P6 Term 1-4 To engage and enthuse students in the language and learning of computer skills
E-zhishi Magazine P3-P4 Whole Year


Students do online quizzes to accumulate points for redemption of prizes

iMTL Portal P5-P6 Whole Year


Students use iMTL portal to practice oral skills.

Story Telling P4 Every Thursday, 1.5 hour per session Students will listen to different idiom stories while discuss about the moral values and chinese tradition they learned from the story.
International Chinese Language Competition P5-P6 31st March An international creative writing competition that is organized by Holy Innocents’ Primary School. Participants come from all over the world such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. More than 8000 of essays were submitted and winning essays will be published in a book.
Shium Yanxu P2,P3, P4 shium_yanxu@moe.edu.sg 6511 9568
Cultural Camp P1-P6 Term 3 To rise student’s interests in Mother Tongue languages through playing traditional games, watching traditional performances etc.

Enrichment Programs:

P2- Speech and Drama

P3 – Comic Writing

P4 – Little Reporter

P5 – Drama Workshop

P2-P5 Term 2

To enhance the use of Chinese Language via various activities (Drama skills, comic writing and etc)

To build the students’ confidence

To build the students’ creativity