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Key Programme (s)




The Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM)

P3 (Beginner’s module) P4 (Basic I module)



To help students learn to communicate (listen and speak) on everyday situations in the language and to understand and respond to conversations or verbal narratives on selected issues. Through the programme, students are able to communicate with their counterparts, and to better understand and appreciate Chinese / Malay culture and values, enhancing their rapport with Chinese / Malay-speaking friends. 

ICT lessons




To engage and enthuse students in the language and learning of computer skills

IMTL portal

P4 -P5



To encourage students to use the portal to build language mastery

My Dream Shop


Term 3

To be proficient users in the language

To demonstrate their learning and interact with children from various schools

To develop entrepreneurship skills in a realistic yet monitored competitive environment

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

P1 –Speech and Drama

P2- Musical

P3- Song lyrics

P4- Fan Painting

P5-Escape room


Term 3

MTL fortnight aims to provide an authentic learning opportunity for students to understand and appreciate Mother Tongue culture, to heighten the use of mother tongue languages beyond the classrooms and to develop our students’ interest in the learning of the language. Fortnight activities will conducted collaboratively with the CL, ML and TL departments. Students will be given the exposure to Chinese, Malay and Indian culture.

Mother Tongue Language Camp


Term 3

To expose students to various culture and arts

Reading Programme




To instill the love of reading Mother Tongue Language books through various fun and engaging activities

E-zhishi Magazine


Term 1-4

Students will do online quizzes to accumulate points.

International Chinese Language Competition


Term 2

An international creative writing competition that is organized by Holy Innocents primary school. Participants come from all over the world such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. More than 8000 of essays will be submitted and winning essays will be published in a book.

Ngee Ann National Students’ Calligraphy Competition 2019

Selected students

Term 2

The competition is organized by Ngee Ann Kongsi annually to promote the art of Chinese calligraphy amongst students in Singapore. Knowledge of Chinese calligraphy had been expanded through the interactions with students from other schools, as well as the local Chinese calligraphy experts.