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1.       Math Olympiad Training Programme (6 sessions/1.5h per session)

To stretch students who have a passion for Mathematics, the school organises a 6-session Math Olympiad Training Programme each year. The Programme provides a platform for students to explore Mathematics beyond the classroom and curriculum. This programme is targeted at the Primary 4s to 6 who are the top ~20% of their cohort.

*Please note that the training programme is for enrichment purposes only and does not guarantee participation in any Math Olympiad competitions.


2.       Excellence 2000 (E2K) Programme (P4 to P5)

20 selected students from the P4 cohort will participate in a 2-year Programme aimed at getting students engage in investigations involving advanced Mathematics concepts. The selection is based on the students’ achievement in and aptitude towards Mathematics. Selected students must commit to a 2-year participation of a weekly 1.5h session conducted over 2 terms (approx. 10-12 sessions).


3.       Mathematics Olympiad Competitions

Please see below for the competitions that CPS participates in yearly:



Date of Preliminary Round


Raffles Institution Primary Math World Contest (RIPMWC)

Raffles Institution

~end March

Selected P5 and P6 students

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)

Hwa Chong Institution


Selected P5 and P6 students

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS)

NUS High


Selected P4 and P5 students




Selected P4 and P5 students