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Young citizens of character with a head of knowledge and the heart and hands to serve and lead others


We seek to create a safe and secure learning environment that promotes the personification of character, leadership and service for others in students


We believe that:
  • Every child has the propensity to be persons of good character;
  • Every child should be given the opportunity to serve and lead others; and
  • The school, home and community play equally important roles in shaping the child.


The department oversees the development of the students in the following areas:
  • Character Education
  • Citizenship Education 

To promote the holistic development of the students in the areas mentioned above and achieve the school vision, the department adopts an integrated approach by integrating CCE in both academic and non-academic endeavours and leveraging on existing platforms to provide students with authentic learning experiences to engage their heads, hands and heart.  To help them understand what they have experienced and internalize what they have learnt, they are also engaged in guided critical reflections.