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Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Happy New Year!

I am very pleased to take over the stewardship of CPS from Mrs Soh Mei Foong and would like to record my appreciation to her for her seven years of dedicated service as Principal of CPS.

It is indeed a delight to see CPS come alive with all the students on the first day of school! I want to thank all P1 parents and Parent Volunteers for your support in ensuring that our orientation sessions went on smoothly as planned. My appreciation also goes to all other parents for your cooperation in adhering to the measures our school has put in place to ensure the safety of all students.

We value the partnership we forge with parents to support the holistic development of all our students. To this end, we do seek your understanding with regard to the following when you wish to contact school staff,

  • Please make an appointment to see teachers only after curriculum hours as they will be in class, with the other students.
  • Please leave a message if you want a teacher to contact you. The teacher will return the call when he / she is free. We do want our staff to enjoy their time with their families and hence, after 6.00pm is strictly their family time.
  • Please make an appointment if you want to meet any of the School Leaders.

I look forward to your continued support. Together we can create a safe and conducive environment for our students to learn.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mrs Manokara S