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Our Staff

Principal & Key Personnel

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Mrs Manokara S
Mrs Audrea Chin Meng Tsing 
Vice Principal65119555cantonment_ps@moe.edu.sg 
Ms Cheng Shin MiinVice Principal65119555 cantonment_ps@moe.edu.sg 
Mdm Ganesh School Staff Developer 65119643                         Email WA
Mr Jerome ChongAssistant Year Head P5-P6  65119566Email WA
Ms Malinda LimAssistant Year Head P3-P4 64999408 Email
Ms So Bee SoonYear Head P1-P2 65119555 Ext 445                         Email

Mr Andy Fan
HOD Mathematics  65119562                          Email
Ms Caroline
HOD Science 65119555 x 446Email
Mrs Samantha Kong
HOD CCE  65119579Email WA
Mr Thomas WongHOD PE / CCA / PAM  65119564Email WA
Mr Shah AllyLH English Language  65119568Email WA
Mrs Jocelyn ChewSH Mathematics  65119572Email
Mr Bunawar
SH Science  64999427Email WA
Mrs Ta Sze MianSH Chinese Language 64999409Email WA
Ms Karen JohnLH English Language  65119577Email WA
Mrs Joy Loke SH Student Management 64999415EmailWA
Mrs Rachel HoLH PE / CCA  64999418Email WA
Mrs ArunLH CCE  64999420Email
Mr Johnny ChanSH ICT  65119588WA
Ms NurhizaSH ICT  64999405Email WA
Ms Li LidanST/Chinese Language 64999406 Email
Ms Seah Lay KengST/Chinese Language 63036290EmailWA
Mr Wilson KwaST/Music 64999429EmailWA
Mrs Yap Pui MeiST/English Language 64999419EmailWA
Ms Cassandra SiuaST PE 65119584WA
Mdm Lim Wan JoST/Science 65119571                          EmailWA
Ms Aileen Poon
LT/Mathematics 65119581                          EmailWA

Primary 1

1 CareMdm Mubina64999428Email WA

Mr Wilson Kwa    64999429Email WA
1 GraciousnessMrs Joanna Siasat 64999247Email WA
 Mrs Evangelyn Goh64999421
Email WA
1 IntegrityMr David Sim 64999412Email WA
 Mdm So Bee Soon 65119555 Ext 445Email WA
1 ResilienceMr Tarmizi64999238Email WA
 Ms Jaslin Yeo64999402 
1 RespectMs Cheong Mun See 64999400Email WA
 Mdm Ganesh 65119643 Email  WA
1 HarmonyMrs Donica Goh64999232 Email WA
 Miss Celestine Seow
 1 CompassionMr Jared Goh63036291Email WA
 Ms Nur Amirah64999426Email WA
1 ResponsibilityMdm Jasmin How64999413Email WA
 Mdm Mohana 64999417Email 
 Mdm Nurhiza64999405Email WA
1 KindnessMrs Jocelyn Lee63036294Email  WA
 Ms Liyu Min Yi64999425Email WA
 Mdm Fadhilah64999237Email WA

Primary 2

ClassName    PhoneEmail WA
2 CareMrs Joy Loke64999415Email WA

Ms Lau Kai Jing63036295Email WA
 2 GraciounessMs Shankari64999230 Email
 Mr Joshua Goh63036299Email WA
 2 IntegrityMs Nurul Asyiqin 63036297
Email  WA
 Ms Julia Tan63036298Email WA
 2 ResilienceMdm Huang Yinqi 64999233Email WA
 Mdm Adeline Ong63036296Email WA
 Mrs Joleen Khoo64999243EmailWA
 2 RespectMs Seah Lay Keng63036290Email  WA
 Mdm Khloe Goh63036293Email WA
 2 HarmonyMdm Goh Li Li 64999235Email WA
 Ms Loh Li Yoke64999234Email  WA

Primary 3

ClassNamePhoneEmail WA
3 CareMs Yvonne Koh64999410Email WA

Mrs Rachel Ho64999418Email WA
3 GraciousnessMr Caleb Lim 64999404Email WA
 Mdm Tay Yong Ngee64999231Email WA
3 IntegrityMrs Arun64999420Email WA
 Mrs Ta Sze Mian64999409Email  WA
 3 ResilienceMs Sangeetha65119576 Email WA
 Ms Malinda Lim64999408 Email WA
 3 RespectMr Alan64999403 Email WA
 Ms Diana Tho64999248  Email WA
 3 HarmonyMdm Doris Lau64999411 Email WA
 Mr Thomas Wong65119564 Email WA

Primary 4

ClassNamePhoneEmail WA
4 CareMs Sally Low65119579Email WA

Mdm Sujatha65119583Email WA
4 GraciousnessMr Koh Hong Lee63036292Email WA
 Mrs Prasana Ramesh65119578Email WA
4 IntegrityMr Seah Tiong Boon65119580Email  WA
 Ms Casandra Siua65119584Email WA
4 ResilienceMr Nur Muhammad 65119582Email  WA
 Mdm Caroline 65119555 x 446Email WA
4 RespectMs Karen John65119577Email  WA
 Mr Bunawar64999427Email WA
4 HarmonyMr Yahya65119574Email WA
 Ms Judith Ogawa
65119575Email  WA

Primary 5

ClassNamePhoneEmail WA
5 CareMiss Tan Yi Xin64999245Email WA

Mdm Ng Jie Ling64999416Email WA
 Mdm Gladys Tan65119555 x 449Email 
5 GraciousnessMdm Sim Bee Hoon65119555 x 441Email WA
 Ms Angela Kwan64999236Email WA
 Mr Kevin Yang 64999414Email WA
5 IntegrityMdm Salwah 65119573Email WA
 Mr Johnny Chan65119565Email WA
 Mr Andy Fan65119555 x 447Email WA
5 Resilience Mr Ameen64999401Email WA
 Ms Li Lidan64999406Email  WA
5 RespectMr Daniel Ying64999423Email WA
 Ms Aileen Poon65119581
Email WA

Primary 6

ClassNamePhoneEmail WA
6 CareMrs Yap Pui Mei64999419Email WA
 Ms Kaylen Ang64999407Email WA
6 GraciousnessMdm Shakila Banu 64999246Email WA
 Mrs Persis Koh64999422Email WA
6 IntegrityMs Zhang Fang 65119570Email WA
 Mrs Jocelyn Chew 65119572Email WA
6 Resilience Mr Jason Tan 64999244Email WA
 Mdm Gladys Tay 65119569Email WA
6 RespectMdm Lim Wan Jo 65119571Email WA
 Mr Shah Ally 65119568Email  WA
6 HarmonyMdm Kalai 64999241Email  WA
 Mr Jerome Chong 65119566Email WA

Other Teaching Staff

 Mdm Evelyn Ho 65119555 x 437 WA
 Mr Kenneth Goh 65119555 ext 436                            Email WA
 Ms Tan Yi Zi 65119555x440                            Email 
 Mrs Florence Chia  65119555x448                            Email 
 Mr Ng Peng Hwee 64999424                            Email 

Allied Educators

Ms Ooi HuishanSenior School Counsellor64999242Email
Mdm Jenny WongAllied Educator (LBS)65119555Email
Ms Diana HoStudent Welfare Officer  64999240
Ms Ariela YapAllied Educator (LBS)64999243

Executive & Administrative Staff

Mr Raymond MooAdministration Manager65119553Email
Mr Mark ThamAdministration Manager65119642                      Email
Mrs Mala GunassaharanCorporate Support Officer-Email
Mdm Peggy TanCorporate Support Officer 65119557Email
Ms Judy KohAdjunct Administrative Executive65119555 ext 661 Email
Mr PuvanICT Manager65119555Email
Ms CheongReceptionist cum Admin65119555
Mr Low Leong MengOperations Manager65119559                      Email
Mdm Angeline KohOperations Support Officer 65119555 Email
Mr Ong Boon TiongOperations Support Officer65119555 -
Mdm FauziahOperations Support Officer65119555
Mr Alvin LeeAdjunct Operations Support Officer65119555                           -
Ms Nurul Kamilah  Librarian65119589Email
Ms LissyScience Lab Technician 65119555 Email
Mr EdzhanDesktop Engineer65119555Email